No one can deny the fact that health is the biggest asset that anyone can have. You might have a billion dollars, but you will not be able to enjoy them if you are not in good health. People today are giving more importance to health and making sure that they are taking a right and healthy food.

If health is important for adults, it is very important for toddlers and preschoolers. It is because they have very less immune power and they will easily get affected by diseases. Hence it is important that healthy food is given to them to keep them strong. In this article, we will see some of the healthy snacks for toddlers and preschoolers.


Fruits are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It is better to serve them fresh as they will be tastier and you can also avoid some bacterial contamination. Some of the fruits that the little ones will love are sliced peaches, apples and pears. They also love grapes, strawberries, and cherries. If you are finding it difficult to feed them, you can opt for mashed bananas. It will be a lot better if you can give them during the mid-morning.

Many fruits


Vegetables are a great source of essential minerals and vitamins. We do accept the fact feeding vegetable to the kids is one of the hardest tasks. To make things simple vegetables can be mashed before feeding it to kids. Some of the vegetables that the little ones need to have are diced carrots, beetroots, and potatoes. If you need you can also boil them before serving. They can either be a snack or can be an appetizer before any meal.  It is necessary that the kids eat vegetables so that they will have the strength to be active.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are a great source of proteins, minerals, and essential fats. They are capable of giving instant energy. It is very safe and healthy for the toddlers as they are naturally sweet. The best part is that you do not have to go through any difficulties to feed the little ones. Dried raisins, dried apricots, dried chopped apples, and dates are some of the best things that you can give them to be hale and healthy. Dried fruits are great source fructose which makes them the ideal choice for a morning snack.

Dry Fruits

Bread and cereals

The main reason to give the little ones bread and cereals is because they are very rich in fibers. They also have a lot of micro macronutrients. We know that the best way to give them cereals is with milk which is a great source of protein. The perfect time to give is in the mornings during breakfast. The cereal breakfasts can be the perfect kick start for the day as it will help them to stay active throughout the day.

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